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On All Power Wizard Energizers

Benefits of a Power Wizard Electric Fence Charger

Keep your animals contained and predators out. An electric fence charger provides a single pulse of electrical current per second when your dairy cows, beef cattle or other livestock encounter the wire of the fence. The electrical shock provided by the charger is harmless yet effective and serves as a psychological message to your cows that reminds them to stay clear of the fence. Compare this experience to that of barbed wire in which your cows can become entangled resulting in serious injury or even death.

Why Use a Power Wizard Electric Fence Charger to Contain Your Cattle?

Consider the following benefits of installing an electric fence or converting your standard fence to one electrified by a fence charger:

  • Easy to install: The installation of an electrical fence requires minimal tools and can be installed by one person. In fact, installing an electric fence is often easier than a traditional fence. This type of fencing requires fewer posts and less wire making it easy to install.
  • Most economical solution: When compared to barbed wire, high woven wire or high tensile fencing, the electrical wire is a fraction of the cost. Since the requirement for posts and wire is significantly reduced, so is the cost of installing an electrical fence.
  • Effective and safe for your cows: Although the use of barbed wire is effective in containing cattle and keeping out predators, the damage caused by the barbed wire is extensive and far more harmful. The electrical fence effectively keeps cows within the boundaries of your acreage and successfully deters trespassers and predators.
  • Available for any and all geographical conditions: The three power sources available through Power Wizard fence chargers (battery, solar and AC) provide flexibility that allows you to install, maintain and service an electrical fence regardless of the remote location or topical features of your farm or ranch.
  • Durable: Electrical fencing is longer lasting simply because of fewer high impact encounters with cattle. Once shocked, the cattle are far less likely to attempt to damage or trample the wiring thereby helping to provide a longer life for your electrical fence.
  • Lightweight and easily moved: Electrical fencing is lightweight and easy to move or reconfigure. The fencing requires fewer posts and wiring which makes it easy to move to different pastures or areas of your farm or ranch.
  • Low maintenance: With the high quality of Power Wizard energizers, the only true maintenance of your electrical fence is to ensure that the wiring is still in contact from beginning to end and that your power source is in good working condition. The Ultra low impedance technology of Power Wizard fence chargers ensures that, snow, rain, weeds and brush growth along the fence line are no longer an issue for keeping the flow of current consistent and effective.

Limitations of an Electrical Fence

Power outages, lightning strikes and dead batteries are something every cattle rancher worries about. If the flow of electrical current is interrupted, the fence is no longer effective at containing your cows or other livestock. Power Wizard's fence chargers are covered under a total satisfaction THREE YEAR WARRANTY which includes damage due to lightning.

The battery operated fence energizers are the perfect choice if your area suffers from repeated power outages, otherwise, as long as the Power Wizard fence chargers are properly installed and maintained, they provide an effective, affordable and safe alternative to barbed wire.

PW24000 with Ultra Low Impedance Technology

One of the most powerful energizers for the toughest conditions. 24 output joules, controls up to 2,400 acres, remote control compatible.

Click here for the video.

Ultra Low Impedance

Protect your livestock investment with the only Ultra low impedance fence energizer on the market guaranteed for THREE YEARS.

Agratronix, recognized industry wide as the leading, global manufacturer of Electric Fence Energizers, offers Power Wizard shock technology to deliver effective, pulsing jolts of electricity in all weather and ground conditions.

Visit our Energizer Selection Guide to find the energizers available for your acreage and fence length.

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