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On All Power Wizard Energizers

Power Wizard® Shock Technology and Fencing Electric Chargers are in the News

Power Wizard fencing electric chargers offer the leading brand of fence energizers in the industry and are in the news updating information and educating our customers in the marketplace. The following links are to news articles, events, press releases, white papers and articles concerning Power Wizard products.



Portable, Versatile and Sturdy Electric Fence Netting

Portable Electric Fence Netting by Power Wizard

STREETSBORO, OHIO (October 17, 2012) – Calling all poultry farmers! Do you have a need to build an instant electric fence pasture or enclosure to protect your livestock but need something that is quick and easy to setup and convenient to store when not in use? If so, you’re in luck. Power Wizard's NEW Electric Fence Netting has a simple, lightweight design that allows for easy setup in practically any location. Read More

Electric Fence Solutions to Deter Nuisance Deer from Croplands

by Andrew LaFlame, Product Manager at AgraTronix

STREETSBORO, OHIO (July 11, 2012) – Keeping deer away from your farm or ranch or out of the grain you recently bagged and stored in the field can be cumbersome. Andrew LaFlame, Product Manager at AgraTronix says, “The good news is there are several electric fence options that can help to keep nuisance deer out of your croplands.” Read More

5 Emerging Trends in Electric Fencing that will make you go Wow

Evolving Electric Fencing Industry with Five Prominent Trends

STREETSBORO, OHIO (June 19, 2012) – Corralling your livestock can be a cumbersome especially if your herds have a habit of wandering off to your neighbor’s property as soon as your back is turned.   Read More

Putting Power Wizard Electric Fence Energizers to the Test

by James Falbo, Vice President of Engineering

STREETSBORO, OHIO (April 4, 2012) – There are several tests we perform at Power Wizard electric fence energizers to help ensure we release quality energizers that last.   Read More

What's New With Power Wizard Electric Fencing?

AgraTronix Launches New FARMPRO Line of Premium Electric Fence Energizers and Accessories with Extended Features

STREETSBORO, OHIO (March 19, 2012) – The new FARMPRO line of premium Power Wizard products features remote control ready energizers with built-in fence diagnostics, premium heavy-duty polywire, polytape, and polyrope and the ALL-IN-ONE Fault Finder / Remote.   Read More


Select the Correct Electric Fence Charger to Effectively Protect Your Cows, Horses and Livestock

Four Important Keys Help You Select the Best Electric Fence Energizer

STREETSBORO, OHIO (August 24, 2011) – Electric fence chargers are the most effective and affordable method to protect and contain cows, horses and other livestock.   Read More

AgraTronix Launches New Power Wizard Electric Fence Charger Website

Online Resource Provides Bovine Farmers and Cattle Ranchers with Electric Fence Product Information and Fence Charger Instructional Guides

STREETSBORO, OHIO (June 29, 2011) – AgraTronix, a leading manufacturer of electric fencing systems and electronic moisture sensing instrumentation launched the Power Wizard website this month.   Read More

New 24 Joule Power Wizard Electric Fence Energizer Contains Livestock in Pastures up to 2,400 Acres

Power Wizard 24000 includes Ultra Low Impedance Technology for the Toughest Vegetation and Fence Conditions

STREETSBORO, OHIO (June 23, 2011) – The Power Wizard 24000 Fence Charger is designed to become one of the most powerful electric fence energizers manufactured in the United States.   Read More

Electric Fence Grounding is a Critical Part of Effective Livestock Containment

Six Tips on How to Properly Ground an Electric Fence

STREETSBORO, OHIO (May 12, 2011) – Spring is typically one of the wettest seasons of the year and the perfect time to check the electric fence grounding system.   Read More

Power Wizard® Electric Fence Energizers Provides Power Even in Tall Weed Conditions

ULTRA Low Impedance Technology Keeps Animals Safely Contained

STREETSBORO, OHIO (March 1, 2011) - Power Wizard electric fence energizers, known for their high quality and Ultra low impedance, are specially designed for "real life" situations such as tall weeds that become a big problem in the spring months.   Read More

Power Wizard® Electric Fence Energizer Extends Warranty to Three Years

Power Wizard Energizers Have Longest Warranty in Industry

STREETSBORO, OHIO (January 18, 2011) - Power Wizard electric fence energizers, known for their high quality and Ultra low impedance, now feature a full three year warranty, making it the energizer backed with the longest warranty in the industry.   Read More



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Selecting an Energizer: Selecting the Most Effective Electric Fence Charger for Your Farming Needs

Completing the Connection: Effectively Grounding Your Electric Fence for Maximum Shock Value

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PW24000 with Ultra Low Impedance Technology

One of the most powerful energizers for the toughest conditions. 24 output joules, controls up to 2,400 acres, remote control compatible.

Click here for the video.

Ultra Low Impedance

Protect your livestock investment with the only Ultra low impedance fence energizer on the market guaranteed for THREE YEARS.

Agratronix, recognized industry wide as the leading, global manufacturer of Electric Fence Energizers, offers Power Wizard shock technology to deliver effective, pulsing jolts of electricity in all weather and ground conditions.

Visit our Energizer Selection Guide to find the energizers available for your acreage and fence length.

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