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Select the Correct Electric Fence Charger to Effectively Protect Your Cows, Horses and Livestock

Four Important Keys Help You Select the Best Electric Fence Energizer

STREETSBORO, OHIO (August 24, 2011) Electric fence chargers are the most effective and affordable method to protect and contain cows, horses and other livestock. When farmers and ranchers choose an electric fence charger, they should be aware of the four key considerations to select the proper electric fence charger for consistent electrical current along the fence line.

"An electric fence charger with too little power is the same as no power on the fence line," said James Falbo, VP of Engineering at AgraTronix. "To make sure the fence charger has enough power to effectively and consistently provide an electrical current, farmers need to consider four elements of their specific electric fence use when they select a fence charger."

Determine the power source first. There are three different power sources available. The most affordable fence charger is a plug-in model that uses a 110v outlet. In circumstances where an electrical outlet is available, the plug-in model is the most widely used and is available in a variety of power sizes that service from one to 24,000 acres. For more remote pastures, the battery-operated or solar-powered fence chargers are an effective solution. The battery-operated fence charger is perfect for small to mid-sized fenced areas or for temporary pastures. The solar-powered fence energizer is an environmentally safe alternative and holds the sun's energy for up to two weeks of cloudy conditions while continuing to deliver consistent electrical current along the fence line.

Secondly, calculate the size of the area to be fenced. Choosing a fence charger with enough out-put joules to effectively produce an electrical sensation when the cows or horses come in contact is of critical importance. Some electric fence charger models are designated by the acreage and some by the number of square miles of wire fencing. Selecting a fence charger by the number of acres in the fenced area is more accurate, as the number of miles of fence varies depending on the shape of the pasture.

The type and size of your livestock is the third consideration. It requires less power to keep rabbits and deer out of a garden than energizing a corral with horses. Larger, stronger livestock with a tough hide require a stronger shock to stay away from the fence wire. Ranchers that pasture stallions, bulls or livestock with thick hooves and foot pads should consider a more powerful fence charger for their electric fence to be effective.

Lastly, the ground conditions have an impact on the effectiveness of the electric fence charger. Electric fence chargers work best in areas where the soil is moist and free from vegetation. The Power Wizard electric fence chargers are designed for heavy vegetation situations. They use Ultra low impedance technology, which means the fence energizers automatically adjust the electric signal, keeping it strong enough to contain your cows, cattle and other livestock even in difficult ground conditions. The Power Wizard models perform under "real life" conditions so weather soaked and over grown weeds won't impede their performance. The Power Wizard on-line Energizer Selection Guide is an effective resource for farmers and ranchers to determine the best electric fence energizer for a specific fence line.


The Power Wizard brand is manufactured by AgraTronix, a company with a 36 year history and reputation of reliability and high product quality. They are also known for years of electric fence research, development and field experience which has led to their new Ultra low impedance energizer technology. Power Wizard energizers come in a variety of sizes based on number of acres covered, joule rating, type of animal to be contained and the miles of wire for the fence. For more information about Power Wizard branded energizers, visit www.PowerWizardInc.com or call 1-800-866-2161.

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PW24000 with Ultra Low Impedance Technology

One of the most powerful energizers for the toughest conditions. 24 output joules, controls up to 2,400 acres, remote control compatible.

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What Our Customers are Talking About

"I like the PW24000 Charger. It's been up several days now and here's what I'm observing: I can see the lights clearly from the house and don't have to wonder if I remembered to turn it back on after moving the portable fence (daily). I've not done any clearing of foilage on or near the fence and I'm running about 10K volts 100' out of the box and still around 8K everywhere else.

If this new unit stands up to the test of time, I'm going to be really, really happy with it. I certainly am at this point. A tip-o-the-hat to your firm and all of its personnel for putting out a high value, high performance, American made fence charger."

- Darrel Franson, Mt. Vernon, MO

Visit our Energizer Selection Guide to find the energizers available for your acreage and fence length.

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