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Eco-Friendly Solar Powered Electric Fences

Solar Electric Fence Energizers by Power Wizard

Energize the fence corralling your dairy cows or beef cattle and save electrical costs with our complete line of Solar Powered models. Just like our plug-in models, the Power Wizard Ultra low impedance, solar powered electric fence chargers deliver one pulse of shock power per second to your dairy cows or beef cattle. The Power Wizard Solar powered models are available for dairy farms, hobby farms or cattle ranches from one acre to 100 acres.

  • The 6 volt DC solar powered models offer low impedance technology for up to three acres.
  • The 12 volt DC offers Ultra low impedance regardless of ground conditions for up to 100 acres.

Power Wizard Solar Electric Fence Charger Offers Many Benefits:

  • Solar powered fence energizers are perfect for remote areas of your cattle ranch or dairy farm where an electrical current isn't readily available.
  • No on-going costs for electricity or replacement batteries.
  • Solar electric fence chargers offer flexibility for circumstances where fencing is moved to new growth pasture areas.
  • Power outages will not impact the solar powered fence charger's ability to keep your dairy cows and/or beef cattle safely corralled.
  • Most solar power fence chargers retain the sun's energy even through a series of cloudy or inclement weather days; continuing to provide adequate energy to keep cattle in and predators out.
  • Environmentally friendly solar power helps conserve energy usage.

Unprecedented Three Year "No Hassle" Warranty from Power Wizard

As with our complete line of energizer products, the Power Wizard solar electric fence energizers are warranted for three full years from the date of purchase if for any reason they do not provide continuous shock pulsations along the length of your wire fence. Our warranty also covers damage caused by lightning and voltage spikes. Call us if you experience any issues so our Customer Service Representatives can address your concerns. 1-800-866-2161.

New Product

PW50S 6V

Low Impedance Power
0.06 Joule Output*


1 to 3 Acres
1 to 3 Standard Miles of Wire
Manual | Read More

PW100S 12V

Ultra Low Impedance Power
0.15 Joule Output*


1 to 25 Acres
1 to 10 Standard Miles of Wire

PW200S 12V

Ultra Low Impedance Power
0.25 Joule Output*


1 to 50 Acres
1 to 20 Standard Miles of Wire

PW500S 12V

Ultra Low Impedance Power
0.50 Joule Output*


1 to 100 Acres
1 to 30 Standard Miles of Wire

*Joules are a measurement of energy and represents the shocking power delivered to the animal.

Power Wizard® Shock Technology Offers a Three Year Warranty


POWER WIZARD, INC. guarantees your complete satisfaction with this fence energizer. If you are not satisfied with this product, you may return the energizer to the original place of purchase within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Proof of purchase is required for a full refund.


POWER WIZARD, INC. warrants all fence energizers to the original purchaser for a period of thirty-six (36) months from the date of purchase, when installed and used in accordance with the enclosed installation instructions. You must retain your receipt for proof of purchase. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship to the fence energizer. The warranty also covers damage to the energizer caused by lightning and voltage spikes.


Improper installation, misuse, neglect and tampering of any kind are NOT covered under the 30-Day Guarantee or the Limited Warranty. No warranty other than the above is expressed or implied. Implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular application are hereby disclaimed unless the law specifically precludes this disclaimer.

The manufacturer and seller shall have no liability for damages, incidental or consequential, resulting from or caused by any failure, malfunction or defect of any product.

The sole obligation of Power Wizard, Inc. shall be limited to repair or replacement, at its option, of the defective fence energizer or part.


1. First disconnect energizer from fence and confirm that voltage output at the energizer terminals is not normal.
2. Before returning product under warranty, you must call Power Wizard at (800) 866-2161 to obtain a Return Goods Authorization number and a shipping address for the service center that will process the return. The RGA number must accompany the returned product.
3. Attach a note showing your name, phone number, return address and brief description of the problem.
4. Pack product carefully in oversized carton with crushed newspaper for cushioning.
5. Your product should be shipped prepaid and insured against shipping loss or damage.

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